Graduate Student Funding Council

The Council for Graduate Student Funding is responsible for considering practices that ensure graduate students will be financially supported, through a combination of internal and external funds, for the majority of the time they are registered and working toward their degree. The Council proposes changes in process and/or policy to the Dean of The Graduate School and TGS Administrative Board.

Graduate Student Funding Council members are:

Steve Anderson
Associate Director of the Driskill Graduate Program

Pablo Boczkowski
Professor, Communication Studies

Traci Burch
Associate Professor, Political Science

Josh Chambers-Letson
Assistant Professor, Performance Studies

Wei Chen
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Drew Davies
Associate Professor, Music Studies

Danny Fisher
Director of Finance and Administration for Chemistry

Paul Goerss
Professor, Mathematics

Susan Jackman
Administrative Director of PhD Programs, Kellogg School of Management

Marcel Knudson
Sociology, PhD Candidate

Rae Langes
Performance Studies, PhD Candidate

Lincoln Lauhon
Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Bruce Lindvall
Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies

Sally McIver
Associate Director of Northwestern University Interdepartmental Neuroscience

Nathan Mead
Program Assistant 2, English

Mary Pattillo
Professor, Sociology

Ishwar Radhakrishnan
Professor, Molecular Biosciences

Neal Roese
Professor, Marketing

Terri Sabol
Assistant Professor, School of Education and Social Policy

Lauren Sturdy
Materials Science and Engineering, PhD Candidate

Gretchen Talbot
Assistant Dean, Research & Graduate Studies

Ellen Wartella
Professor, Communication Studies

Catherine Woolley
Professor, Neuroscience