E-Learning and Instructional Design

Beyond the academy, your teaching, research, and technology skills can be of great use in the business, NGO, and government sectors. As communication becomes increasingly dependent on technology, the need to train clients and employees in programs, or create effective learning experiences is crucial. This career path is open to any PhD interested in pedagogy and learning technologies in a non-academic, deadline-driven environment. Because this is a new field, job titles vary, but there is no shortage of directions, from developing technologies, to training clients on software, to managing learning.  For more details on this career path, see outside resources, like Versatile PhD

Career Exploration
(Year 1-2)
Core Competency Development
(Year 2-4)
Job Search
(Year 5+)

Various Career Panels and Speakers through TGS

One-on-One Appointments through NCA

Conduct an Informational Interview

Subscribe to Relevant Publications 

Attend NU Club Events

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GEO Community Practicum and Engagement Workshop

NEXT Externship Program

Explore Versatile PhD


Fellowship in Leadership 

One-on-One Counseling and Consultation through Center of Leadership 

Management for Scientists and Engineers 

Speaking and Presenting

RSG Research Communication Program

CLIMB Communication Resources for Scientists

Advanced Professional and Presentation Skills for Graduate Students Seminar


New TA Conference 

Teaching Observations, Consultations and Workshops

New TA Conference Workshop Leader

Teaching Certificate Program

WCAS/TGS Teaching Fellowship 

Graduate Teaching Fellows Program 

Writing and Research

Fellowship Proposal Writing Workshops and Consultations

Interdisciplinary Graduate Assistantships

Dissertation Bootcamp

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Graduate Writing Fellows at The Writing Place

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Kaplan Institute Affiliates Program

Kaplan Institute Research Workshops

NCA and TGS Workshops on Teaching Philosophy, Cover Letters, etc.

Prepare for Interviews with NCA

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One-on-One Appointments through NCA

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