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Career Pathways

It is no secret that earning a PhD can lead to careers in many fields beyond academia (for more details, see here). As higher education changes, it is imperative PhD students supplement their research training to prepare for the job market, whether that market is inside or outside academia.

To aid in TGS students’ success, Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA) and TGS have organized professional development resources – both Northwestern-specific and external – by career path; they have also been sorted into a timeline to help graduate students and post-doctoral fellows plan their careers more thoughtfully, earlier in their career. The side bar on the left is used to navigate through any of the 13 career paths, which will lead to a career-specific timeline, outlining opportunities at all stages of a graduate career. Note that opportunities are divided by Core Competency within each timeline, to aid in career planning. NCA’s Industry pages provide more information on job descriptions, skill sets, and resumes, and students are encouraged to read them carefully.