Core Competencies

In addition to the Career Path schema, Northwestern’s Professional Development opportunities are organized by the core competencies they advance. TGS has created a list of broad skills that are important for PhD students to improve during their time at Northwestern. Each Core Competency page outlines the basic features of skill development, along with Northwestern professional development programming in each area. 


Career Exploration

These opportunities expand knowledge of various career paths and help students consider career planning, early and strategically. 


Leadership and Management

Discover the programs and workshops designed to support students’ transition to positions in leadership and help further their academic and career goals.


Speaking and Presenting

Find out more about the resources TGS funds to support graduate students in communicating, presenting and explaining research to diverse audiences.



Improve teaching skills and connect with other campus educators through programs, workshops and trainings aimed at developing classroom leaders.


Writing and Research

Discover the various workshops and resources available to graduate and postdoctoral students for enhancing their professional development with the written word.