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Professional Development

The Graduate School at Northwestern University (TGS) offers a variety of resources and programming to contribute to the professional development of our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. In addition to providing direct services (such as workshops and speakers), TGS serves as a gateway to programming and resources across campus, partnering with several University offices to provide skill acquisition in the areas listed below.

TGS encourages all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to read this section and take advantage of the valuable resources that support both your academic and career goals.

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Speaking and Presenting

Find out more about the resources TGS funds to support graduate students in communicating, presenting and explaining research to diverse audiences.

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Writing and Editing

Discover the various workshops and resources available to graduate and postdoctoral students for enhancing their professional development with the written word.

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Leadership and Management

Do you aspire to become a strong leader? Discover the programs and workshops designed to support you in your academic and career goals.



Improve your teaching skills and connect with other campus educators through programs, workshops and trainings aimed at developing classroom leaders.


Civic Engagement

Learn how to create engagement through discussions and forums designed for and by graduate students. Students also have the opportunity to apply these skills through a community organization practicum.


Professional Development Grants

Learn more about the fellowships and grants available to students for career endeavors, and learn how you can develop a program of your own.


Careers and Job Search

Discover the workshops, assessments, events and career fairs that help students navigate the next steps of their professional or academic careers.