Recognition Awards

The Graduate School (TGS) annually recognizes outstanding members of our community committed to service excellence through the Graduate School and Ver Steeg Awards. Read more about these honors below, or review the Nomination Procedures to recognize a faculty, staff, or student. You can also view a list of Past Recipients.

Graduate School Awards

Established in 2012, The Graduate School honors outstanding faculty, students, postdocs, and staff with awards for distinction in Diversity, Service, and Engagement.  Each constituency plays an integral part in the work of The Graduate School as they work to improve the academic and personal well-being of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Recipients of The Graduate School Award will be formally recognized annually at The Graduate School Recognition Dinner.

Ver Steeg Awards

Named for Clarence Ver Steeg, former Northwestern University Professor in History and Dean of The Graduate School from 1975 to 1986, this award recognizes one outstanding non-faculty staff person and two Graduate Faculty members each year for excellence in work with graduate students in The Graduate School.

Staff play important roles in the academic and personal well-being of graduate students; they welcome, orient, advise, encourage, support, and advocate for students. The Clarence Ver Steeg Graduate Staff Award recognizes the importance to graduate education of the academic, organizational and administrative skills and contributions of Northwestern University’s professional, administrative, and support staff.

Graduate Faculty play a critical role in supporting and encouraging the academic and professional development of graduate students. They are advisors and role models for students in research, ethical conduct, professional responsibility, and personal development. The Clarence Ver Steeg Graduate Faculty Award affords students the opportunity to recognize individual faculty members for their outstanding efforts in these areas.

Clarence Ver Steeg Graduate Award recipients will be recognized at The Graduate School Recognition Dinner and will receive a certificate of recognition and a $3,000 award.