student in the lab


An assistantship provides a monthly stipend and is generally accompanied by a tuition scholarship. Students who receive an assistantship may either serve as a teaching assistant or research assistant. Academic programs or faculty principal investigators in conjunction with The Graduate School (TGS) select graduate students to serve on assistantships.

The duration of an assistantship may range from a single academic term to a full year. We expect students to serve between 15 to 20 hours per week.

During the term of an assistantship, students are expected to continue making academic progress towards their degree.

Graduate/teaching assistants may:

  • Serve as graders for a course.
  • Function in an administrative capacity.
  • Lead discussion sections as part of a larger lecture course
  • Instruct their own class sections.

Research assistants may:

  • Work in a lab.
  • Conduct other types of investigative research for their primary investigator.

Every graduate assistant in TGS must meet the eligibility requirements set for all students receiving financial aid.  Please review the Regulations Governing Recipients of University Assistance for more information.